Firriato Hospitality - 

Cavanera Etnea Hotel

located at the base of Mount Etna in Sicily, is perfect for slowing down and a tribute to the beautiful blend of nature, tradition, and winemaking. 

Situated at the foot of Mount Etna, the hotel not only provides breathtaking views of Europe's tallest volcano but also a unique connection to nature. The surrounding landscape reflects the authenticity of the region, and the vineyards of Cavanera Etnea pay homage to the centuries-old tradition of Sicilian winemaking. 

The hotel's design perfectly combines modern comfort with a touch of traditional Mediterranean charm, creating a welcoming space that reflects the timeless beauty of Sicily.

The Slow Travel aspect is evident in every detail of this retreat, from its laid-back atmosphere to the opportunity to fully immerse in local culture and diverse cuisine. Here, indulgence becomes a journey, allowing guests to experience the regional flavors and the charm of the Sicilian countryside.

Firriato, a respected wine producer, contributes to the winemaking tradition in the region, offering guests a chance to explore not only the scenic beauty but also the rich history and delightful wines of the surroundings. At Cavanera Etnea Hotel, nature, tradition, and the joy of life come together to create an unforgettable Slow Travel experience.


ShirtUP® Nursing Clip

 I recently had the pleasure of photographing Roberta and other mothers during a picnic where the ShirtUP® Nursing Clip was being used while breastfeeding. It was essential for me to approach the shoot with sensitivity, ensuring that the mothers and children felt comfortable and at ease. I aimed to capture the essence of the moment, creating an atmosphere where they felt as though they were enjoying a relaxed picnic with friends. 

As always, when collaborating with businesses like ShirtUP®, understanding the designer's vision was paramount. I resonated with Roberta's dedication to making sustainable, simple, and useful designs.

In the photos, I focused on showing off the product's natural beauty and how it helps moms and kids connect. This way, I aimed to demonstrate how practical and versatile the product is.

 Savoring the Richness of 

Montalbano Elicona 

The Montalbano Elicona Food Festival was a celebration of culinary diversity and craftsmanship that defines the region. Through my lens, I captured not only the delicious dishes but also the passion and dedication of the people behind these delicacies. Dive into the world of Sicilian delights and explore the rich culinary tradition of Montalbano Elicona.

In the winding streets of Montalbano Elicona, Sicily, I immersed myself in a world of taste and tradition as I documented the annual food festival with my camera. From delightful Cannoli to savory Salsiccia di Cinghiale, the festival offered an abundance of local specialties. 

The Ricotta Infornata and Provola, traditional cheeses of the region, exuded their unique flavors, giving the dishes a distinctive touch. Alongside these cheese specialties, other local products like wine, honey, nuts, and bread, for which the city is renowned, were proudly showcased. 

Sicilian Tomato Sauce Tradition 

Experience the heart of Sicily through the age-old tradition of crafting tomato sauce on its vibrant streets. 

This communal event, beyond its culinary significance, embodies the island's culture of community and familial ties. Joining these lively gatherings, I've immersed myself in the joy of selecting seasonal tomatoes, partaking in the collective preparation, and savoring the flavors amid stories and laughter. These moments epitomize slow travel, encapsulating the essence of Sicily's traditions and fostering connections with the community. 

Provola Alchemy

Capturing the Essence of Slow Travel in Southern Italy's Culinary Traditions

Getting a glimpse into the traditional Provola-making wasn't just a culinary adventure; it was a journey through the world of slow travel. In the enchanting landscapes of Southern Italy, I had the privilege of witnessing the transformation from fresh Ricotta to this delicious cheese. With my camera, I captured the steps that define this traditional craft, from the gentle touch of cow's milk to the drying process that gives it a unique texture. This slow travel experience not only allowed me to document the process but also to immerse myself in the local culture, feeling the connection between humans and nature. An authentic experience reflecting the essence of slow travel.