I am Lea,


the creative soul behind the camera and a passionate photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty of slow travel.

Commence  on my Slow Travel Journey to feel more connected to myself and my surroundings. I want to live in the moment and be more aware of the simple joys in life. I know it's not always easy to slow down, but this journey is about personal growth and finding beauty in every moment. Come along as we discover the art of taking it slow together. 

As a child, I travelled a lot on journeys to my second home, Sicily, where I cultivated a deep appreciation for rich cultures, traditions, and the essence of life in this Mediterranean gem.
My photographic journey is marked by a love for authenticity and timeless aesthetics. 

Each snapshot tells a story, from cooking tomato sauces together on Sicilian streets to festive family gatherings. These experiences have not only influenced my photography but also ignited my passion for slow and mindful travel. 

In addition to my adventures in photography, I bring a unique perspective shaped by my background in heritage conservation and interior design. Having studied both, I hold a profound reverence for historical architecture and a keen eye for its preservation. The intricate dance between preserving history and embracing modern comfort is a theme close to my heart. 

The connection to heritage preservation and interior design inspires my appreciation for natural beauty. Similar to the restoration of old buildings, I strive to highlight the authentic essence of each moment while capturing timeless elegance. This passion extends to my work in photographing weddings, couples, and portraits, where the love for detail and an appreciation for impermanence are reflected in every one of my photographs. 

On SlowTravelMoments, I share not only visual impressions but also my personal connection to the places I explore. My photography is an invitation to experience the feeling of arrival, home, and belonging. A glimpse through my lens is meant to be more than just a snapshot – it's an invitation to a journey of the senses. 

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