My photos tell stories of authentic moments, inviting you to join a visual journey that goes beyond just pictures – it's about capturing the true spirit of each unique travel experience. 

I'm Lea, a passionate photographer. My work is more than a visual journey - it's authentic, professional, and creatively shaped by the play of light. 

Influenced by my Sicilian roots, it captures life's essence, blending emotions and light.
My lens tells a story of arrival, home, and belonging, reflecting the richness of my Sicilian second home. As an Italian-German, I share authentic moments, inviting everyone to experience my photography intimately. 

SlowTravelMoments is dedicated to partnering with contemporary and lively hotels and businesses that support thoughtful and sustainable travel. 

This goes beyond just hosting guests, but  emphasizing the integration of local culture and cuisine into their unique offerings. 

Picture our collaboration as a visual adventure for Slow Travel fans to see their experiences mirrored. 

I aim for a strong connection, making sure my photos feel genuine and familiar.
Perfect matches are with small, eco-friendly Slow Travel hotels, embracing local culture. I create compelling photos, optional social media content, and visually capture creative workshops, telling a story of mindful travel together.

 To me, slow travel is ...

about taking each step on purpose. It's soaking in the vibe of a place, letting it become a part of you. It's not just about visiting landmarks but exploring mindfully and valuing quality experiences over rushing through a checklist.

If you're looking for authentic and unique photographs capturing the beauty of slow travels, I'm here for you.

Whether you prefer reaching out through the contact form on my website or dropping a message on my Instagram account – the first step towards unforgettable memories starts with a simple message. I look forward to turning your travel dreams into reality together! 

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” 

– Lao Tzu.